About us

Welcome to Rabbit Audio, this is a seperate brand of Lint Audio. Designed for kit builders.This product range has been developed during the Covid 19 lockdown in South Africa. Although the Kwela Tones was originally developed to teach students the basics of electrical and electronic assembly. The product was so successful that we decided to sell the kits to the general public.

Although we make some very nice headphone amplifier systems in the Lint Audio range, we have never catered or even considered Gamers needs ! We have done extensive research with GAMERS.

Basically in two categories...HARD core which uses USB and 7,1 connectivity and the lower end market which usees a 3.5 mm TRRS plug. We cater and improve sound quality of that market space.

So we have kits available a well as training courses for:

Kwela Tones ,built in either a Fishermans Friend tin or a Lindt Heart chocolate tin. Available also for a day assembly course at one of our workshops as well as a online kit supply.

The Stealth, this is a Gamers device, it has a Chipd esigned to optimise the Gaming experience, this features a external power socket and is slightly larger in a Woolworths Long market soap tin, this may be painted to suit. Available as a day course at Umhlali club, KZN as well as other sites around South Africa. Ideal for a parent and child to experience this project.

The Rabbitone, now this product is designed specifically for the hard of hearing to enjoy TV, it may be supplied either built up or as a kit.

Now we have always considered our hifi market ! A battery powered Headfi amplifier has been developed using very high end materials, in fact so far better than what is commecially available with high end brand names. We will supply the kit, CKD form, even the housing will be supplied in laser cut bamboo, this has to be glued and finished, or of course your own housing. You supply the laquer, glues and sanding materials to finish. It is truly a stunning end result.

We call it Lapine Audio ! Lapine is French for Rabbit...